May Chang
May Chang

Welcome A Love Letter, a fanlisting collective run by me, Jinnienn Okada. This domain and website serves as a sort of storehouse for all of my fanlistings - owned and joined. All the fanlistings here are approved by TFL or TAFL. If you come across any fanlistings that you too are a fan of, please, don't hesitate to join. Spread the love!

A Love Letter was re-opened on July 17th, 2012. If you encounter any problems or errors along the site, please drop a line via the contact form. Thank you!

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You are currently viewing version o2 of A Love Letter, featuring Sakura and Tomoyo from the series Cardcaptor Sakura. The design was created by Cali of Sonatina Designs with resources from Minitokyo and Shizoo.


I currently run 48 open listings, with 2 upcoming. My most recently opened fanlisting is May Chang » . 4277 members have been approved and there are 0 pending approval. A Love Letter currently has 69 affiliates.

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