ALoveltter.co.uk is my fourth domain. It was bought for me by my close friend and web host, Jennifer. She bought it for me after my previous domain ALoveLetter.uk.to stopped working. Thoough I am not in the UK, nor have I ever been, I've always loved UK domains a great deal.

This domain serves as a fanlisting collective. This is a new hobby that I have really gotten into. This domain used to be a writing archive however. It was too much for me to keep up with. So I've closed it. I may re-open it in the future under a different domain.


I actually decided to start fanlistings after a few of my friends did. They seemed to be really enjoying it and it did look like fun. What really got me on the bandwagon was the fact that I wished to have a fun but easy hobby. A hobby that wouldn't take up too much of my time, but one that I could work with whenever I wanted. I wanted a hobby that introduced me to new people and communities too. Fanlistings seemed fun and perfect.

My first fanlisting was for the Korean band Rainbow. It was adopted out to me by Ava. I love this group so much, it meant the world for me when Ava adopted it out to me.

This domain was turned into a fanlisting collective and officially opened on July 17th, 2012.


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