A Love Letter

The site name, A Love Letter, actually was not chosen by I. It originally came as the domain ALoveLetter.uk.to which was given to me by Luana. After about a year though, the domain quit working. Jennifer, my host, offered to replace the domain with another domain of my choice. Now, I adored the UK extension so co.uk was my first extension choice. ALoveLetter.uk.to was so close to my heart. The domain name really meant a lot to me. It was special to me.

For me, A Love Letter, even though it wasn't my domain choice, it was still close to my heart. It was... I can't explain it really. I wanted the same domain though so I checked to see if it was available in the co.uk extension. Which it was. I then informed Jennifer who bought the domain for me. This was back in 2010. I still love the domain as much now as I did back then.

Sweet Love~